Vidmate for PC

Vidmate app for downloading media files from populair streaming sites.

Vidmate is a great media application that allows you to browse and download free videos, live TV channels and music on your mobile.

The program operates from a single window. There are no menus, options to configure it or any type of advanced process, only the main function-related buttons. To use it, the first step is to choose the videos you want to convert. You can do so by clicking the Add video button and locating the file.

Vidmate for PC

You can insert more than one video at a time, and to change the order of the listing on the screen of the program just select them and use the buttons Move up (to move up) or Move down (down). If you want to exclude any of the entries, after selecting the item, click Delete or Clear to delete all.

Vidmate is originally made for Android you can download it from their official site.

The Play button is only a shortcut to run the selected video in your default media device. When everything is as desired, then click Next to continue with the conversion process.
Then set the location to store the videos by typing the path in the appropriate field or using the Select button to locate the folder on your computer.

Vidmate for Windows

Nowadays, the online world is full of great opportunities. You can watch videos online, stream audio...

Vidmate download for PC

Ever seen a video online that you have been absolutely itching to download, but can’t? Don’t worry, you are in the same boat as a lot of people.

Vidmate for laptop

If you want to download video or sound files from the internet, there is no better option than VidMate.

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